JUST EAT – Brand guidelines

The brief from JUST EAT was to produce something that people would actually find useful, and maybe even enjoy reading... Empowerment was also a big deal. I wanted to give people the confidence to produce their own daily comms without having to check in with the brand team every five minutes. Creatively, I took inspiration from JUST EAT's mini-fist-pump campaign – which celebrates life's little victories. I thought the guidelines could tap into that ethos too, so started looking at 'little wins' to insert into the document, and became quite taken with those small, old-school 'flick books' that generate animations. 'The little guide to being JUST EAT' saw a vast improvement in employee engagement with the brand, with an initial audit revealing that over 70% of employees had used the guide when drafting an external email or writing comms on behalf of the company – up from 29% with previous guidelines.

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