JUST EAT – Outdoor mini concert

How do you convey the mini euphoria generated by ordering takeaway in an out-of-home advert? Taking cue from the TV campaign, I devised outdoor and digital ads to amuse and delight commuters – who just might be thinking about those all-important dinner plans. The songs needed to be instantly recognisable to set off the tune (think more '1am wedding classic' than 'Zane Lowe's Beats 1') but also needed to be ones of joy and celebration. Oh, and the lines had to be organic and funny too. No pressure.

An early concept of mine which takes the mini concert idea, but cleverly combines it with the product truth that people use JUST EAT because they don't like ordering takeaway on the phone.There was some debate over whether people would be able to instantly pronounce "Szechuan" or not...
My idea for this execution (early concept) was to run the ads side-by-side along a Tube or railway platform. The impact of a duel ad allows the parody to evolve, and really lends itself to social sharing.
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