Welcome to Leeds

A creative content campaign selling Leeds as the north's "must visit" destination at Christmas.

The brief... 
Leeds BID [Business Improvement District] contacted Trinity Mirror when they wanted to raise awareness of their 'Welcome to Leeds' Christmas events. With a limited budget, they wanted a creative approach that would really capture the imaginations of their target audiences. 
The response... 
Rather than run generic national creative (or even creative in Leeds) I came up with the idea a targetted creative content campaign aimed at some of Leeds' friendly rivals. 'Play away from home' was a cheeky way of acknowledging that while northerners are fiercely proud of their home cities, they might be persuaded to have a little weekend rendezvous with Leeds at Christmas. 
The content showcased all the hidden bits of Leeds that you won't find in the tourist information guides – appealing to people's sense of adventure and discovery. We also put emphasis on targetting heavy social media users – offering the irresistible promise of Leeds being a city of infinite Instagram possibilities. 
The results... 
Considering the limited nature of the campaign, the reach and engagement was very impressive. The most encouraging statistic was the average content dwell time of well over three minutes – a fantastic result. I'm confident that audiences in rival cities saw Leeds in tremendously positive light as a result of this campaign, and no doubt many of them went to check it out for themselves too. 
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